ChatGPT for Kiwi Organisations

The 2-Hour Introductory Workshop for Utilising AI at Work

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ChatGPT is a truly revolutionary Artificial Intelligence tool.

Is your organisation prepared to harness its value?

In this two hour interactive workshop (online or in person) two of New Zealand’s leading workshop facilitators will help you:

  1. Gain a high-level understanding of ChatGPT and how it is changing business
  2. Learn best practices for writing prompts
  3. Try using ChatGPT in real world scenarios

Scheduled Online Workshop

General admission workshops held online.

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Dedicated In-Person Workshop

Upskill your team in ChatGPT and AI. Location and date of your choosing. Content customised to your industry.

EDA or Chamber of Commerce?
Host a unique, future-focussed workshop for businesses in your area.

$2400 for 4-10 people
$2800 for 11-20 people

"The ChatGPT workshop was beneficial for our whole team, whose ChatGPT experience ranged from zero right through to those who use it regularly. We now have a more thorough understanding of how best to use ChatGPT and feel more enthused, knowledgeable and confident about incorporating ChatGPT into our individual roles and business. Jeremy’s down-to-earth and engaging style made the topic interesting and simple to understand.”

— Natalie McKeany, Soda Inc.

"Thanks Jamie & Jeremy. The workshop was fantastic! I highly recommend Mosaic to other businesses who want to put AI to work for their organisations."

— Julie McDade, Greenlea Premier Meats

"This workshop was hugely beneficial to our company, both in how to maximise ChatGPT for efficiency, and ensure we are using it responsibly. The content was delivered clearly and accessibly for everyone, no matter their previous experience with ChatGPT. Our team left the workshop buzzing with new ideas & insights, and are already putting into practice the things they learned. Thanks Jeremy & Jamie!"

— Christie Edwards​​​​, Camex Civil

"It was a great session and it’s taken my idea of AI to a new level."

- Fabio Costa, Fosters Construction

Fantastic workshop thank you. Perfectly pitched for what I needed as someone who has been playing with ChatGPT without actually knowing what they were doing. The information presented in a friendly, accessible way, perfect for me as someone whose eyes usually glaze over when techies start teaching.This workshop has opened up so many possibilities as to how I can use the platform to not only increase my efficiency, but enhance the quality of my work. A very enjoyable 2 hours. PS this feedback was not generated by ChatGPT

- Sandy Thompson, LEAD

"Great presentation. Got a lot out of it. 10/10"

— Jennie Kingma, JK Business

“I wanted to express my appreciation for the ChatGPT session you conducted. It was informative, and I found it valuable in addressing my previous struggles with instructing ChatGPT effectively. The insights gained and the hands-on experience provided during the session have made the process clearer and more manageable for me. I now feel more adept at using ChatGPT, thanks to your practical guidance. I would certainly recommend your sessions to anyone interested in navigating the world of ChatGPT. Thank you for the informative session, and I look forward to any future opportunities to engage with your team.

— Santana Mohi, Te Whare Korowai

"Outstanding, well presented, non-threatening, and easy to follow. Certainly one of the best workshops I have ever attended."

— Thames Business Association Inc.